Making of the Show

A collection of pictures from the roadtrip and making the work over the past year. 
I took the roadtrip in 2019 to celebrate leaving a job and to satisfy a desire to explore. I knew I wanted to make a body of artwork from the trip, but I didn’t know what shape that work would take.

Early 2020 I met with a gallery space in Austin to plan the show, and then COVID, and then I lost all mojo to create joyful work for awhile. In October 2021, I dreamed up this online art show so I could share this personal project with everyone. The show is self-funded, self-created, self-everything.
As I created the work over the last year it slowly formed into being. The work continues to teach me over and over again that only by making it, only by following through, will I learn how, why and what I make.  Thank you for visiting the show and spending time with it. It truly means the most to make something from my heart and have others receive it. - Jessica